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"The First Nations groups do not have zara a veto reduction power, but they will always insist reduction on their right to credit be consulted Bains said.
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"They (TransCanada) have also violated our constitutional impot right of reduction consultations and submitted an application this summer for an environmental assessment certificate for the dimpot pipeline reduction she said."Oil and gas companies should increasingly realize the need for them to talk more to these bands." -Ashok Dutta, -Edited by zara Richard Rubin.The Gitxsan First Nations group is opposing TransCanada's Prince Rupert Gas Transmission pipeline that will pass through a 35-km (22 mile) stretch in its reserve area in the Suskwa Valley in northeast British Columbia, a band official said Friday.The dispute involves Crown credit Land and the matter should be addressed by reduction the province's attorney general, said Davis Sheremata, a TransCanada spokesman. Sheremata added that reduction bourges since the angouleme project was announced in reduction January 2013 his company has maintained a "good working relationship" with angouleme the Gitxsan reduction Nation and its lattes Hereditary Chiefs, particularly with those houses that will be directly affected by the pipeline project.
The band has now started setting up camps in its réduction lands from the Suskwa Pass to the Shegunia River to create further awareness angouleme amongst its 5,000-odd members, she said.
TransCanada in May filed an application with the British Columbia government for the environment assessment certificate, information posted on the company website said, adding since then it has also filed addendums for "route alterations.".
Register Now, the pipeline will impact the group's rights to its traditional land, particularly salmon fishing, said Beverley Clifton Percival, the community's negotiator.
"In July, we served a notice to Canadian National Rail to stop operations in our area and since then eviction notices have also been served for logging and sports fishing Clifton Percival said.
"They (the Gitxsan) have been holding talks with the BC government this week, but time will tell what the outcome reduction will be Ravina Bains, associate director with the Center for Aboriginal Policy at the Vancouver-based Fraser Institute, said Friday.Legally, angouleme the Gitxsan band cannot stop the pipeline to pass through its territory, she said, noting the band's notice on CN was subsequently overruled by a court of law in British Columbia with there being no disruption in services."We will continue our efforts to engage the Hereditary Chiefs on the blockaded land to discuss access and allow our environmental further and geotechnical fieldwork on their traditional territory to continue he said in an e-mail.Crown land, the 900-km (560-mile) pipeline will run from the District of Hudson to Lelu Island on the Canadian Pacific Coast and will deliver 2 Bcf/d-3.6 Bcf/d of feedstock gas mega for a grassoot LNG export facility that Pacific NorthWest LNG Company plans to build.Talks with BC government, sheremata did not indicate if TransCanada's addendum for route alterations would be accepted by the Gitxsan community.But added the proposed changes are in response to feedback from consultation with Aboriginal groups, stakeholders, the public and further engineering analysis.