Reduction edf pour chomeur

Ambassador Gerard pour was reduction much affected by the statements.
From the point of view of the ravitaillement this number is not so alarming.
Representative in Brussels pour to raise the question with the.N., the.F., and the Spanish-Dutch Committee for such action as they deemed advisable under the circumstances.
The Limbourg fared well.As was stated in the report pour of last reduction week, pour the.R.B.Further orders prevent the men chomeur thus thrown out of employment from being employed by private persons.The number of our men taken pour up to date in the different provinces is as follows: Provinces Men taken having cards Men taken, entitled to cards but not having received them chomeur Hainaut 453. Six of the men taken were dock-hands, who are now badly needed in Mons chomeur and the last two mentioned were members of the office force at Mons and badly needed.
The decree of August 15th imposes automatically imprisonment for a fortnight to six months on all who, having refused work, become a charge on either public or private relief.
All together, the incidents and conditions which pour are apparent today chomeur in various parts of Belgium seem to indicate a definite purpose on the part of the military authorities to force parts of the civil population to work in the service of the German Army.
Certain ones who were sent or went to the right-i.e., toward Germany-were afterward released, owing to special examinations, explanations, or to efforts of persons pour interested.
There was no disorder, and no attempts at resistance were made, the men being hurried through in single file like animals.
Apparently the movement had been stopped and it was understood that it would be confined to workmen only if resumed but this has not yet been officially confirmed.Hilbert, presented them, cards in hand, in a unit for early inspection.Coppée dated December 8, 1916, which follows: I have this moment received a telephonic communication from.He made strenuous efforts to procure their release, but unavailingly.It is to be inferred that the Germans raised no objection to paying chomage to these men after their month of prison.Of this total number 15 of our employees were originally taken, but some of them were later returned, so that the list of those who were finally taken is as follows: On 16th November at Nimy.Refusal to perform such labor has here been met with refusal of food and other brutal acts.Brussels, 20 November 1916 To the Deutsche Vermittlungsstelle.N.